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Butterfly Logo of the Dream Center at The University of Utah



The Dream Center in the Office for Diversity & Inclusion in the Office of Undergraduate Studies works holistically with undocumented students and mixed-status families from college access to graduation. The Dream Center (1) engages in specialized college outreach and access strategies, (2) provides individualized advising and scholarship support for current and future University of Utah undocumented students, (3) promotes campus-wide advocacy and trainings for University of Utah students, faculty, staff and administration, and (4) increases community-wide awareness of policies affecting current and future University of Utah undocumented students.  


Dreamer(s) is an inclusive term for undocumented students with and without Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


  1. Specialized College Outreach & Access
  2. Individualized Advising & Scholarship Support
  3. Campus-wide Advocacy & Trainings 
  4. Community-wide Awareness 
Last Updated: 5/27/21